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Hi my name is Megan, owner of My Vegan Dreams.  

Some call me Megan the Vegan but you can call me Megan.  

Going Vegan was the best decision I ever made at the age of 16!

Back in August of 2014 when my mom and I were on a family vacation in New Hampshire. 

We had just got done eating dinner and something weird occurred to me.

People were devouring their meals and commenting openly about how amazing the
lobster tasted, the fish, the beef and for some reason I became disgusted. Literally sick
to my stomach.

That night my mom and I started to research how lobsters were caught and killed which
horrified me. I had no idea their entire body was made up of nerves and they could feel

I thought to myself how selfish I was for killing a living being just to satisfy my taste

That thought led me to research and start watching videos on the process of how
chickens, cows, lambs, fish, pigs, ducks, buffalo, calves and the egg industry made it to
our dinner plates.

I was horrified.

I realized at that very moment I could no longer participate in such cruelty to animals.

I went VEGAN cold turkey with my mother. I will admit it did take a month or so to really
educated myself on what is vegan and what is not when it comes to prepared meals
and eating out.

Fast forward to today and I have never felt healthier and I know I am making a significant impact in the world. 

Now I may be young but I have a pretty darn good mentor, my Mom.  Her name is Michelle, but I like to call her Mom.  

I share that with you because you may be thinking what can an 18 year old possibly offer me that I don't already know. 

Well just one look at my Facebook Page, Instagram Page and Blog, and I think you would see the impact I am making. 

I think of myself as the voice for the animals who have no voice. They deserve life just as much as we do!

I am passionate about Veganism and definitely on a mission to change lives.  I love offering support, advice and guidance when it comes to being Vegan. 

This is why I have put together a very special offer for you today available for a limited time ONLY.

Introducing Your Go To Vegan Recipe & Reference Guide
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  • What is Vegan cooking
  • So what does it mean to be vegan
  • What makes food vegan and what does not
  • Common non vegan ingredients that can be substituted with vegan ingredients 
  • A list of typical ingredients used in vegan cooking
  • A list of hidden ingredients to avoid while eating a vegan diet
  • Information on how to stock a complete vegan pantry so you can prepare vegan dishes everyday without a hassle
  • Must have vegan kitchen appliances and accessories
  • Getting the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your body
  • Nutritional considerations
  • Favorite vegan mobile apps
  • Collection of my favorite easy vegan recipes: 10 breakfast, 10 lunch and 10 dinner
Vegan Made Easy In 43 Pages! You Can Get Instant Access Today!
Many have said that I’m out of my mind for offering this Ebook so inexpensively, but in reality I simply want to make this information accessible to the masses.

I want to spread as much awareness around Veganism as I can and be someone who supports & helps you on your journey. 

I made sure that this Ebook was created at a price that anyone could afford.

I did not want money to be the deciding factor for someone investing in their vegan journey. 

The animals, the environment and your health are worth it!  Right?

If that is not good enough then don’t worry because I do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Simply contact me within 30 days and I will return your money.

I promise you that this book is jam packed with valuable resources. 

Plus some of the most easy and delicious vegan recipes, filled with nutrients and packed with flavor.

You do not have to be a professional chef, or even an experienced cook to create any of these vegan affordable meals. 

I look forward to hearing from you and your vegan journey!
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My Vegan Dreams @ 2016 - Vegan is more than a diet it's a way of life....
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