Attention Marketers: Stop Putting Up With Poor Results & A Lack Of Guidance And Mentorship Forever! 
"Have You Ever Felt Stuck As An Entrepreneur...
... Or Just Can't Put All The Online Puzzle Pieces Together?"
From the desk of Bill & Michelle Pescosolido: 
Dear Online Marketer, 

If you've ever wanted to build the business of your dreams without 

hassling with the massive online marketing learning curve... 

...then this will be the most important message you'll ever read. 

Because I'm about to show you how you're just one business breakthrough away from building the business of your dreams!

But before we get into that, let me ask you this...

Are you tired of scratching your head wondering why you're not getting the kind of results you thought you'd be getting by now? 

Do you wish you could put an end to the stress, confusion, and overwhelm that comes with building your business online? 

Believe me, I can feel your frustration. 

Look, there's a good chance you were told that building your business online would be easy. 

Perhaps you were told all you have to do is "click a few buttons" and BOOM... you'll have a wildly profitable and successful online business. 

But you and I both know... building your business online is not that easy!

Can You Relate To Any Of These Business "Symptoms"?
  •  Unable to generate enough (or any) leads to talk with or present your offer to
  •  Uneasy about investing in Facebook advertising because it may end up being a waste of your hard earned dollars
  •  Can't understand why other people are achieving success from blogging, videos, Facebook Lives... while you haven't been able to 'crack the code' with any of those methods yet
  •  Feeling bogged down or overwhelmed by technology and how you're supposed to use it with your business
  •  Buying into the latest "shiny object" because the self-proclaimed "guru" is telling you to do a million different things to build your business online
  •  Mentally exhausted by all of the "marketing puzzle pieces" and all you want is a step-by-step game plan to build your business online
If you're suffering from any of the above symptoms there are two things you need to know...
1.) It's not your fault!

2.) You need coaching and mentorship if you truly want to build the business of your dreams
You Have Just As Much A Chance Of Achieving Your One Big Business Breakthrough From What You're About To Discover As Anyone Else Reading This! 
Fact is: there is one undeniable truth all smart marketers hold to be true...

... if you want to achieve a massive breakthrough in your business you need coaching and mentorship! 

But not the kind of "coaching" the so-called "Gurus" offer that's chock full of theory and fluff! 

You need hands on training, coaching, and mentorship from people who have successfully built their own business online...

... and who are actively in the marketing trenches every day finding new proven ways to successfully market online. 

Simply stated, the most successful marketers and business owners all agree on one thing:

You're just one business breakthrough away from building the kind of business you've always dreamt about. 

Furthermore, if you're serious about building your business then you must have coaching and mentorship from people who've already achieved the kind of results you're looking for. 

What I'm leading up to is this...
FACT: You Need Coaching & Mentorship To Achieve Your One Business Breakthrough!
(From People Who Actually Know What They're Doing)
So how are you going to achieve your One Business Breakthrough???

Let me explain...

It starts with us giving you the greatest gift we could ever give a fellow online marketer, entrepreneur, or Home-Based business owner...

... The key to our ongoing training vault!

An actual digital library of trainings, shortcuts, and hacks designed to help you whether you're a...
  •  Home Based Business Owner
  •  Affiliate Marketer
  •  Entrepreneur
  •  Network Marketer
  •  Online Marketer 
Our Digital Library will not only build a solid foundation of online marketing and business building essentials you need...

... but it will also spark growth in your business so you can achieve your Big Business Breakthrough which means you can finally have the successful business you've always thirsted for
And We're Going To Let You Access It For Just $1
I'll tell you why in just a minute but first...

I want to tell you a little story. 

You see, about 2 years ago my wife Michelle and I did something a little crazy. 

We sat down and documented everything we've done to grow our business from zero to 7 Figures. 

Here's a taste of what we documented:
  •   How we profitably generated over 187,225 leads online using Facebook
  •   How we took one of our business's Facebook Fan page from zero to 242,847 fans in less than 11 months
  •   How we're able to get $0.01 Likes to our Fan pages
  •   How we create compelling content that generates us free leads and sells our products and services for us
  •   Earned over $1.6 million in less than two years in just ONE of our income streams
When we were finished documenting everything we've done...

... we had a play-by-play manual for what it takes to successfully build a 7-Figure business online. 

However, this treasure chest of knowledge was kept under lock and key. 

Only to be brought out when we were building one of our new income streams or working 1-on-1 with our private coaching clients. 
You're Just One Business Breakthrough Away From Building The Business Of Your Dreams
We've decided to reveal this manual and open up our training vault and make it available to all other entrepreneurs, home based business owners, and online marketers like you. 

The goal is simple: to create a private community of fellow marketers so we could share ideas and discuss what's working for us in our own business. 

Also, we wanted to make it so that even a "newbie" could immediately apply our strategies in their own business and start seeing results. 

Our weekly "sessions" would be the bribe we would use to encourage new members to join our ranks. 

We call it the "Power Players Club"
The Power Players Club is the premier "Members Only" community and tactical training ground for online marketers, home based business owners, and entrepreneurs just like you!

Limited to an exclusive group of serious "power players", our select community is where you want to be if you're serious about achieving your big business breakthrough so you can build the business of your dreams. 

Your training comes in the form of "sessions" that we conduct live every week. 

As a member of the Power Players club we'll personally invite you into our exclusive training sessions where you'll not only get access to our "secret vault" of training...

... but you'll also get access to us (Bill & Michelle). 

It's in these private training sessions where you can ask us your most pressing marketing questions and we'll answer them for you live on the spot! 

No more wondering if the trainer will actually answer your question. 

No more waiting around in a Facebook group for several days (or even weeks) for someone to answer your questions. 

You'll get a real time response to your most burning marketing questions so can go back to doing what you know you need to do...


In addition to the live sessions... you'll get access to every previous session we've ever done in the form of your "Power Players Club Digital Library". 

As a Power Players Club member you'll have access to the entire Digital Library of trainings which you can review whenever you want and for as long as you want. 

Mark Harris
"Prior to joining the Power Players Club I had difficulties writing blog posts. and knowing how and where to post them. 

Also, I had no content and I didn’t know what to write about to create content. 

Furthermore, Facebook marketing was like a foreign language to me. 

Simply put, these struggles made me feel like giving up

What stopped me from quitting was the amount of money I’ve already invested me in my business. 

I had no choice but to find a way to figure out this business. 

And that’s when I found the Power Players Club. 

Since being in the Power Players Club my business has improved significantly thanks to the training and 
mentorship I’ve received from Bill & Michelle Pescosolido.  

Specifically, I was able to get my previously shut down Facebook Ad account reinstated thanks to Michelle’s help 

(ask anyone who’s had their FB ad account shut down and they’ll tell you this is HUGE). 

Also, I’ve learned how to write and publish blog posts, write ebooks, and so much more! 

The P.A.E.S. formula Bill taught us helped me write great blog posts and Facebook ads as well. 

The ongoing training that is recorded and saved for us gives me the opportunity to review past lessons and trainings which 

helps me stay on top of the things I need in order to build my business. 

The Power Players Club members area is all very well designed and easy to access the information I need, when I need it. 

Thanks Bill & Michelle and for creating the Power Players Club!"

Join the Power Player's Club Today And Get 7 Days of Access For $1
(We'll automatically bill you $97/month after your 7 day trial expires)
We've Done Something Most People Said We Were Crazy To Do... 
Some people say Michelle and I are crazy to make you this offer (and perhaps we are a little crazy)

As you probably guessed... we're not getting rich giving away our best stuff for $1. 

(Think about it... for just $1 you can join the ranks of the Power Players Club and get all this tactical training, advice, and feedback)

But we're not stupid!

The fact is, it's our hope that you love what you see in the Power Players Club so much that you'll choose to stick around. 

If you do... GREAT! 

If not, that's okay too. 

Just cancel before the 7 days is up and you'll never be charged the monthly fee.  

Our mission is to spark as many business breakthroughs and help create as many success stories as we possibly can. 

And it's our hope that after you achieve your business breakthrough you'll talk with other marketers you know about how the Power Players Club helped you out.  

Here's what Power Players Club member Donna Sands had to say...
Donna Sands

"I’ve been following Bill and Michelle for well over a year. 

After having worked with another coach, I was looking for new, fresh ideas and strategies to grow my business. 

Bill & Michelle’s style of training through their Power Players Club sessions made learning fun and interactive 

(which was very different from my previous coach).  

The group is very interactive and Bill & Michelle always over deliver on each weekly session. 

Since my key strategies are Facebook and blogging, the Power Players Club is truly what I was looking for to improve in both aspects. 

With Michelle being an expert with Facebook, and Bill an expert at Blogging, I’ve been able to grow my business and get sales easily. 

I highly recommend joining the Power Players Club so you can get access to the quality training...
... as well as the step by step detail they provide us each week.”
Power Players Club Membership Details
When You Join The Power Players Club Here's What You'll Get
  •   A step-by-step, easy to follow, marketing plan so you can avoid confusion and frustration
  •  1 Live Power Players "Session" per week - we'll train on a different topic each week
  •  Insider access to our best and closely guarded hacks, tactics and secrets we're using in our business right now! (WARNING: using these secrets could provide you immediate results in your business)
  •  Only the most vital marketing strategies that will catapult you ahead of your competition and allow you to stand out in a crowded marketplace
  •  Access to both Bill & Michelle Pescosolido who will answer all of your most pressing marketing questions so you're never left scratching your head or getting your progress halted by obstacles and road blocks

Take Action Today And Get Instant Access To These Power Players Club "Sessions" Already Waiting For You In Your New Digital Library... 
  •  Blogging Basics For Beginners: How To Get Started Blogging Immediately So You Can Establish Yourself As THE Authority In Your Niche Which Means You'll Start To Generate Leads & Sales Today!
  •  Full Funnel Content Marketing Showdown: How To Create Your Own 6-Figure Content Marketing Strategy In The Next 30 Days! 
  •  Facebook Pixel Domination: How To Avoid 3 Giant Mistakes 99% Of Marketers Make Installing & Using Facebook Pixels (WARNING: This Training Has The Power To Transform Your Business In A Way That Will Separate You From Your Competition So You Can Dominate Your Niche And Become The "Go To" Authority In Your Industry) 
  •  Facebook Posting For Profits: Our Top 3 Covert Strategies To Promote Your Content On Facebook So You're Able To Gain You Massive Branding & Exposure 
  •  Blog Traffic Domination: 9 Proven Tips To Turn Your Blog Into A Lead Siphoning Machine In Just 23 Minutes 
  •   These Are Just A Handful Of The Live Training Sessions That Will Be Unlocked For You The Moment You Join The Power Players Club
Take Part In The Exclusive Power Players Club Members Only 'Hot Seat'
As a member of the Power Players Club you can submit your marketing to us for review. 

When we review your marketing we'll break it down for you and let you know what is strong, what needs improvement, and give you specific recommendations on how to improve it. 

Again, this is not theory! 

We'll provide you with specific, actionable recommendations and advice on what we would change if this was our own marketing for our own business. 

Imagine what it will be like to have two 7-Figure earners inspect and analyze your marketing efforts with you... 

... and then pinpoint specifically what needs to be tweaked in order for you to have your big business breakthrough. 

Some examples of what Power Players Club members have submitted to us for review... 
  •  Facebook Ad Campaigns (Ad Copy, Images, Targeting, Type of Ad, etc)
  •  Landing Pages (Lead Capture pages, Webinar Registration pages)
  •  Facebook Fan pages
  •  Blog Posts
  •  Videos
  •  Email marketing examples
  •  Copywriting examples
Then we reviewed their submission, provided coaching and feedback...

... and made specific suggestions on how they could improve their marketing! 
How To Craft An Irresistible Lead Magnet To Generate Leads and Make More Sales For Your Business...
Step-by-step video trainings series on how to create a compelling offer that will drastically increase the growth of your list instantly
Inside You'll Discover...
  •  How to craft an irresistible lead magnet that will generate you leads, branded to you, and increase your conversion in your business. 
  •  The importance of why building your own list is important fo the successful growth of your business.
  •  How to create an email follow up sequence that will drive traffic to your offers with higher conversion rates. (templates provided)
  •  The biggest benefit of having a compelling lead magnet
  •  Six key factors to consider & implement when creating a high-quality lead magnet
  •  How to write compelling ad copy using a proven formula you can use over and over again to increase conversions with your Facebook ads. 
  •  How to create a conversion Facebook ad to drive traffic to your new irresistible lead magnet. 
  •  How to avoid the #1 mistake marketers make when creating a Facebook ad. Avoid this mistake and this will increase your lead flow tremendously. 
  •  Irresistible offer resources toolbox. 
  •  And much more!
Who Should Join The Power Players Club
Affiliate Marketers
Network Marketers
Online/Internet Marketers
Get the latest, cutting edge, digital marketing strategies to propel your business growth. 
There's nothing harder than distinguishing yourself from "the herd" of other affiliates out there. So let us help you with that.
We'll arm you with the most up to date tactics to bypass Facebook's rules so you can build your business and brand online. 
Direct Sales Professionals
Small Business Owners
When you can cut out the "online marketing learning curve" you'll be able to get back to doing what you do best... getting more sales!
Running a business is hard enough without worrying about the latest marketing strategies and tactics, so let us worry about it instead.
Here's What Some Of Our Members Have To Say about the Power Players Club:
Just Implementing A Percentage Of What You'll Learn In The Power Players Club Could Lead To A Business Breakthrough You Previously Thought Wasn't Possible
So if you're...
  •  Wringing your hands trying to Figure out this whole "Marketing Thing"
  •  Winging it or "hoping & praying" your business will somehow become successful 
  •  Yearning for cutting edge Coaching and Mentorship
  •  Open to us giving you feedback and advice on ANY aspect of your marketing
Then the Power Players Club is perfect for YOU! 
Get Started Now For Just $1 To Begin Your 7 Day Trial  
(Then Pay Only $97/Month Thereafter)
Dedicated To Helping You Achieve Your Big Business Breakthrough,
Bill & Michelle Pescosolido
P.S. You simply cannot lose here. These are the exact same strategies that we employ when we sit down and put together our own marketing promotions. 
And this is the ONLY time we've ever revealed these secrets to the public. Missing out on this would be a huge mistake!
P.P.S. Remember, we NEVER sell anything without a guarantee. That’s why everything we sell at Pescosolido Marketing, LLC is protected by our 30-day guarantee… and  The Power Players Club is no different.

So invest in The Power Players Club today so you can implement the jealously guarded strategies you’re about to discover when our Digital Library of trainings is unlocked for you. 

If you don’t feel the training and mentorship you'll receive in The Power Players Club is worth every penny within the next 30 days, then email us to request an immediate refund.
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