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39 Ways to Avoid The Dreaded Facebook Ad Account Shutdown...Plus What to Do If It's Too Late & Your Already Shutdown...

Hey, my name is Michelle Pescosolido and my husband, Bill and I  have been running Facebook Ads since 2010 successfully to the tune of multiple 6 figure businesses. We have weathered all the changes when it comes to the Facebook advertising platform and while many have been positive changes there have definitely been some negative changes.

We have generated over 150,000 leads profitably all via Facebook Ads and have spent over $200,000 profitably in Facebook Advertising. We know what works and what doesn't because of the money, time and energy we have put into creating thousands of successful Facebook Ads on a regular basis. 

I talk to people every single day who have gotten their accounts shut down and after reviewing exactly what they were doing to get shut down, I want to help you through seeing those reason on how NOT get your Facebook Ad account shut down. Oh and if you are already shut down, well...I am going to share with you what you can do moving forward to get your business back on Facebook.  

I hope that this report will serve as a helpful guide to you in the future when it comes to creating Facebook Ads. 

As a marketer the last thing you want is to get the carpet pulled out from under you by having your main traffic source shut down by Facebook and scrambling for a new strategy. 

So read through these 39 ways to avoid getting your ad account shut down and make sure you aren't practicing any of the examples listed below.

Truth: 39 Ways to Avoid Getting Your Facebook Ad Account Shut Down...
  • Make sure your Facebook Fan Page does not have any links that go against the Facebook Ad / Page Guidelines. Yes, when you run a Facebook Ad, Facebook does look at your Fan Page. If you have links on your page, especially in the about me section, to a business opportunity or blog and your business is a clear violation of Facebook's guidelines you can get your account banned and not to mention your Fan Page. Just a few of the links I am referring to include, MLM, money making opportunities, work from home business opportunities, dating sites, alcohol, online gambling, subscription services and supplements. 
  • Application tabs on your Facebook Fan Page should not be used to promote any of the above examples, MLM, money making  opportunities, work from home business opportunities, dating sites, alcohol, online gambling, subscription services and supplements. In fact I wouldn't even bother creating any offers, even just a simple opt in to my newsletter on your application tabs.  Use these tabs to showcase your other Social Media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc...
  • You are better off sending people to a blog post when creating a Facebook Ad using a clicks to website ad, than to a landing page. If you do send traffic to a landing page make sure you use language that is not specific to what the person will get if they click on the ad. Facebook wants to know what is going to happen next when someone clicks on your ad so using words like, click here to find out more about how Mr. X ...... or click here to see this revolutionary one time..... or you won't believe what happens next.... find out how you can generate 100 leads or make $10 in the next 30 days.... etc...
  • If you open a brand new ad account it's important to season the account so you don't throw up red flags to Facebook. Red flags will cause the Facebook ad account team to do a manual review of your account history.   Start out with a low budget of about $10 - $25 a day per campaign.  If you are starting with a brand new ad account run only a likes ad for about 30 days then gradually start running other types of ads after the 30 days are up.  
  • Scale your ads slowly.  Never go in and start running an ad at $100 dollars a day. Start small then scale up slowly in small increments. For example if you are starting out at $20 a day and the ad is running successfully for a few days, then scale up another $20 every few days until you hit your maximum. 
  • If you ever get an ad disapproved don't try to fix the ad, just delete it completely from your ad account.  Leave no history for Facebook's manual review. Leaving disapproved ads in your account will just give more ammunition to Facebook for proof that you were violating their ad guidelines.
  • Delete all old ads that are no longer running from your ad account completely. Again leave no trail that Facebook can reference back to if they do decide to manually review. 
  • Keep consistent with your ad account and only use one IP address. If you log in to your ad account from a different IP address while traveling you run the risk of raising a red flag with Facebook and getting shutting down.  Trust me on this...we were in Bali not too long ago and Facebook shut us down because of suspicious activity.  Luckily we did get our ad account turned back on by proving we were on location for business but the fact is that never would have happened had we of just avoided logging in with our computer to our ad account. If you must log in use your mobile phone. 
  • Do not use Paypal as your ad payment method. 
  • If you are going to use the word Facebook in your ad use the capital letter F and not the lower case f for the word Facebook. Never use FB, or the word Facebook as a verb or plural.  Also don't use an altered version of the Facebook logo if you are using an image of the Facebook logo. 
  • Only manage one client per one ad account.  Don't run ads for multiple clients in your one ad account. 
  • Keep admins assigned to your Fan Page to a minimum. If you have an admin on your Fan Page or on your ad account who has a history of violating Facebook's ad / page guidelines this will affect your account too.  I always recommend having one extra admin on your Fan Page and preferably someone who doesn't run ads or have a Fan Page. 
  • Ad images should not be sexually suggestive or explicit. Ad images should not be shocking, sensational, disrespectful, or excessively violent content.
  • Audio or videos on landing pages should not be on autoplay after a person clicks on your ad to go to the page.  
  • Landing pages that you are driving traffic to MUST have a privacy policy on the page. I would take it a step further and ad branding, contact info & disclaimers. 
  • All landing pages requesting a person's information must clearly state what that person's information will be used for and clearly state what they will get when they opt in. 
  • No pop ups, pop unders, pop arounds are allowed on landing pages that you are using Facebook Ads to drive traffic too. 
  • Ad images must not have a non existent functionality button, such as a play button that does not actually play when the user clicks on the ad image.
  • Do not use before and after images. 
  • All components of an ad, including any text, images, or other media, must be relevant and appropriate to the product or service being offered and the audience viewing the ad. If you are promoting a webinar on how to increase your engagement on Social Media, don't lure your audience in with a picture of cute kitties....unless of course your webinar is about cute kitties. 
  • Ads must clearly represent the company, product, service, or brand that is being advertised.
  • Products and services promoted in the ad copy must match those promoted on the landing page, and the destination site may not offer or link to any prohibited product or service.  Yes Facebook looks at your destination page.
  • Your landing page URL must function in all browsers in order to get approved. Check and make sure it works in chrome, safari, etc...
  • Make sure your destination page does not have a bad review on if it does you will get disapproved and/or shut down. You would be surprised at how many affiliate sites are banned on 
  • Check your ads daily!  If you have high negative feedback and a relevancy score below 6 stop the ad and delete it from your account.  Yes Facebook cares more about the user experience and not your business so you want to make sure you are always tracking the negative feedback and relevancy score of each one of your ads. 
  • Acceptable & unacceptable language for a likes ad or any other ad in general, Acceptable: "Click 'Like' to connect with X" "Like our Page to receive updates, news, deals, etc" "Like Beth's Page to show your support". Unacceptable: "Like our organization's Page to show your support for X." "Click 'Like' if you agree" "Like this ad to see the video" "Like our Page to automatically enter our raffle".
  • Don't write copy that is misleading, fraudulent, or or deceptive. An example would be click here to get access to.... but then when they click they have to actually opt in. That's misleading. 
  • Make sure that if you are targeting a specific country that your particular geographic IP address isn't a restricted IP address in that particular country you are targeting. 
  • If you think you can outsmart Facebook you are wrong. If you are sending traffic to an opt in page that you think is generic enough to get approved by Facebook but on the other side of that opt in page is something that Facebook would not approve....guess what????  They will opt in, so don't even try it. 
  • If you are using a 3rd party landing page software creator don't use the link they give you to create a Facebook Ad. Use your own link and host the page you created on your own site.  Lead Pages, MLSP, Click Funnel links, etc.... will get your account shut down. 
  • You must use proper grammar and make sure if you use a symbol it's a symbol you are using for it's actual meaning.  If you don't you will get your ad denied. 
  • While I am on the topic of ad disapproval, note that these are strikes against your account.  The more strikes you have the more likely you are on your way to getting banned from creating a Facebook Ad again.  With that said if you are shut down out of the blue and swear that your weren't running any ads that violate the ad guidelines it could of easily of been past ads or something on your Fan Page. 
  • Don't make yourself an admin on other advertiser's ad accounts. 
  • Anything about make money won't fly with Facebook so don't even try to create that type of ad. 
  • No hyped up, buzzworthy headlines in your ad. Baiting someone with unfinished sentences, scaring them into action or promising something unrealistic is going to get you banned.
  • Your business must be represented on your landing page this includes full business address/contact details, business name, business logo, disclaimers, links to your privacy policy and terms of use, and any other pertinent legal information specific to your industry.
  • If a user hits the X out button on your ad they see in their newsfeed this is what triggers Facebook to investigate.  Which leads me to targeting...make sure you are targeting an audience that your ad will be most relevant too. For example if you are sharing a blog post on how to train your dog you would probably want to target dog lovers and not people who have interests in cats. 
  • Are you part of an affiliate program?  Don't create an ad period that drives traffic to that offer. You will have a better chance of staying in the safe zone by driving traffic to a blog post that then has a call to action at the end of that post that promotes your affiliate offer. 
  • Finally run ads in a business manager account.  Create a business manager account and add as many ad accounts as you are able to add. If one ad account gets shut down in your business manager you can move to the next one and add a new payment method.  This process should eliminate the need to run ads in a personal ad account. 
"This is GREAT Michelle but what do I do if my ad account has been shut down?"
Great question!  First off make sure you familiarize yourself with the Facebook Ad guidelines and I don't mean read once. I mean read every month because Facebook is always updating their policies and guidelines.  

You can go HERE to view their policies and guidelines. 

If you originally got your ad account shutdown and you had a business manager account the first thing you should try to do is use the help chat with Facebook function.  

Yes! If you have a business manager account you should have chat access to Facebook support in your help section. 

Talk to a support specialist. Find out why your account was shutdown. Look for possible mistakes on their end and request a manual review.

Plead your case. If you are in the wrong take the high road and apologize and request that they please re open your account to give you another chance. 

If that doesn't work your next step would be this option. This isn't guaranteed but it's worth a shot. Some of our clients have had success going this route and some well...not so much. 

My best advice if you can go this route: Ask your family or friends if they have an account you can use. You might be surprised to hear that they have no clue what an ad account is and they would be more than happy to let you use it.  

You also can buy an account from a third party which is risky, but might work if you have no friends, family, and you have already failed to create another account successfully.

If you go this route you will need to make sure you don't use the same credit card that was banned on the new account you are using and don't use Paypal.  

Also make the person's personal profile an admin on your Fan Page so you can run Facebook ads in the news feed from their account.  This is almost guaranteed to work unless of course your Fan Page is actually banned too from running ads too. If you feel this is the case you may need to just start all over with a new Fan Page too. 

The next route would be and not guaranteed to work as the first option is the create a new account. 

You should create a brand new Facebook profile under your name. Don't use a fake name because Facebook may actually ask you for identification and you won't be able to prove you are Lonna Page if you don't have identification for that name.  Yes they will ask for proof by the way....

Once you create your new profile you should add that profile as an admin to your current Fan Page.  If you can do without your previous Fan Page you had, create a new one.  

Now it's time to season your new account. Add some friends to your new profile and start posting status updates on your profile page on a regular basis and if you created a new Fan Page start adding posts there too.  

Make sure you are also logging in to perform these activities from the same IP address.  Bottom line....look like a normal user. 

After about a month you can create an ad account. But this time make sure you create a business manager account. Here is how to create a business manager account and additional ad accounts, click HERE

Do not run ads from the default personal ad account Facebook gives you. 

Start by creating a likes ad and have that ad run for a few weeks, again to season the account.  When you set up your likes ad you should use a different credit card because the credit card you used on your last account that got banned will be flagged.  

Billing account address should match the new profile information given. 

Now that your likes ad has been running successfully for a few weeks, try running ads to blog posts or boosting some posts and be careful about what you make ads for going forward. 

If you start to run ads to landing pages after a few months of seasoning your account be very careful and make sure you don't do anything from the above list I shared above.

Scale up your ads slowly.  Start out with a budget of about $10 - $25 a day per ad.   If you want to ad more money in to the ad to scale add in increments of about a 15% increase every few days. 

I hope this helps clear up the confusion of what you can and can't do on Facebook or helps to get you back in the game of running Facebook ads. 

If you are interested in learning more about how you can build a successful business online using Facebook, check out my latest most up to date Facebook webinar training.  
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